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Welcome to Car Throttle, the channel dedicated to awesome old cars, interesting challenges, crazy builds and cool new vehicles. Join us as we buy, build, race and test all the cars you love most!


17:02Living With A Citroen Ami
Living With A Citroen AmiGanger 374 kDag siden
11:18I Bought A Volvo For £1
I Bought A Volvo For £1Ganger 418 k7 dager siden
11:35Living With An Audi RS6
19:44Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 6
1:03:38How NOT To Sell A Car | Your Car Stories
14:32Will My £700 Vitara Survive Off Road?
21:56Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 5
21:57I Let My Friends Buy My New £1000 Daily
9:06The Best Car I've Ever Driven
The Best Car I've Ever DrivenGanger 523 kMåned siden
25:21Our Top 14 Video Highlights Of 2020!
Our Top 14 Video Highlights Of 2020!Ganger 178 k2 måneder siden
17:33How Easy Is It To Upgrade Your Exhaust?
How Easy Is It To Upgrade Your Exhaust?Ganger 520 k2 måneder siden
27:11£500 Ultimate Daily Driver Challenge
£500 Ultimate Daily Driver ChallengeGanger 1 mill2 måneder siden
31:07£1000 Studio Van Conversion: Full Build
£1000 Studio Van Conversion: Full BuildGanger 503 k3 måneder siden
10:24The Coolest Project Car You’ve Never Heard Of
27:11Public Transport Vs Motorbike Challenge
Public Transport Vs Motorbike ChallengeGanger 698 k4 måneder siden


  • Time for a stick on rear view mirror.

  • I would probably have one if i lived in the city haha

  • I would say its a pile of crap

  • Is this the first electric car to have a conventional handbrake. Seems like it's going to be fun.

  • 10:48 - 10:58 tell me im not the only one who hears a remix of .... that one websites intro tune.... in the background music lol

  • 1:34 The body roll 😂

  • If one day I go to the UK with my LHD car. I will do the same thing in drive thru even if they get angry

  • basically equivalent to a "electric" fortwo

  • They are almost top gear they have a suv filming them not quite a range rover yet but got to start somewhere b

  • The employee at McDonalds: wtf is this guy doin

  • That thing is a heap and a fucking death trap 🤣. Id take a mophead over that thing all day long and thats saying something 😁. Back to my fz6 and mx5 thanks 😁

  • Nifty little car , could definitely see tons of these just going about the city , perfect to cruise around the city but probably not a lot else, they should do a more powerful option out for longer commuting and country driving , make the r version that could be cool too 👍👍

  • Hehe. Everyones filming content with the ami at the minute but once again car throttle takes the crown!

  • This was really painful. If it was something really horrible like that dying smelly Multipla you had on recently then the angle grinding would be just about bearable. Not the Volvo though. These things were well built to move people safely and comfortably so demand a bit of respect. A D5 manual with black interior too!

  • MY m113 will spank over half of this trash

  • Personally wouldn't of went for a ep3

  • “What does he need from the shop” Me “hmmm something nice and heavy”

  • The first thing I thought of was black mirror the social media episode. 😂

  • How does it have a 16 plate?

  • Perhaps the interior mirror and self-cancelling indicators are optional extras?!

  • What 14 or 17 year old would want to be driving around in a fancy mobility scooter?

  • I’m guessing the” business venture” never happened then... car’s still with Alex

  • A true og car throttle song can remember when it came out

  • Only OGS where around when this won came out

  • Why does it look like a nano multipla HAHAHA

  • 0:28 and that's why nobody intelligent builds suicide doors anymore


  • I'm pretty sure this started off as a joke over a couple of croissants and cheese.

  • Suzuki Swift white wheels. There Ken Block signature wheels.

  • I’m offended

  • At 11:55 I genuinely thought that was a butch woman and not a man. 😄

  • If I could buy one I wouldn’t

  • I assume they don't do the £5k grant for buying an EV anymore? Because if they did that would make these £1k and I'd buy one tomorrow

  • Coffin on wheels.

  • Thats why they are called suicid doors.

  • At least it should´nt be impossible, to fix an auxiliary rear view mirror inside.

  • Bruh my tractor is faster than it

  • Condom of the motoring world, except a condom has more features XD

  • Why doesn't anyone just make a mark II mini cooper but electric that gets up to 30 with a boot and can fit 4 people in, car manufacturers are missing something

  • I go through that route all the time, sick to see my fave NOlong/car enthusiast drive there!

  • the car you most defiantly do not want to get in any crash with

  • I live in Coventry. It’s a shithole, don’t go there.

  • Sorry to be a Twat, but you always leave the bottom button of your waistcoat undone.

  • Insult to the original ami😂

  • Ngl even I’m getting sick of BMWs

  • Budget drift car please

  • It's like a ugly plastic box on wheels.

  • No need to butcher the interior, that was just a waste. Someone would have liked that car as their pride and joy, not something to be trashed for a video. You could have always removed the stereo and taken the lid off it if you really wanted to make a point.

  • Thought I saw Ryan Gosling.

  • I want one... for the city if you live like 4-5km away from you job... this looks awesome! A cool alternative for a expensive e-bike.

  • Would have been much better with a 50mph top speed I think would have been quite appealing at that.

  • I love this car but it's basically an E-Bike with a rain cover, very dangerous if you get hit,but diving locally to school and the shops,good for that

  • I would swap there a like yamaha r6 600cc motorcycle engine and be happy.

  • Lol, none of these are that cheap anymore, except maybe the TT. MK1 MX5 for £2000 that's not an absolute rust bucket is an absolute day dream, no chance

  • Think we need a car throttle vehicle update. Be interesting to know what's happened to alot of the cars and what we can look forward to.

  • 💩🙈

  • Well Alex, if that’s the condom of the motoring world and you’re inside it, what does that make you?

  • I didn't know something uglier than the Fiat Multipla existed.

  • 0.00 me: let me stop je right there it’s electric ⚡️ I won’t watch this

  • 10:47 My name is Ethan and it get like he was talking to me😂

  • 4:04 2 french cars

  • AMİ means am i a car?

  • French makes great cars also funny cars

  • It's actually not even a chiptune: The engines with 90, 101, 105 and 136 hp are exactly the same, just with different software. The fact that the 135 hp TDI lives just as long as the 90hp one just proves again how fucking bulletproof this piece of engineering is

  • Christ. If you want a vision of the future, imagine a Citroen Ami crushing a human face. Forever. The car of the future will transport the bug man from the artificially lit flat in which he sleeps and watches products of the Disney/Netflix/Faceboom conglomerate to the artificially lit cubicle in which he wageslaves. This will be the future of the car, look upon it and weep.

  • You went for par-car, rather than car-cour. Soundwise i think the second option is superior

  • Lol the comment about Coventry is so true had to study there for 3 years as part of my job

  • But its 6k...

  • Shame its electric

  • Best Ami review by far 😆

  • "We might have to just slip it throuugh the crAck." (¬ ͜ʖ¬)

  • Hahaha this guy is so crazy. I love his videos 😀

  • Such a big excuse, just to order McDonald's

  • What is this doing on a car show? This is hilariously bad.

  • This is like that episode from Black Mirror where when you have a small social score you can only rent the small dodgy electric car 🤣🤣

  • Could you do a "live with a" Ford Model A, please? Or even a model T?

  • How did you get a Saab 9-3 for £500

  • The road you're trying to do 46 is a 30mph average speed haha may have a ticket